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Are you an International Investor or High Net Worth Individual?

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Investor Visa4UK

are Citizenship & Residency Lawyers that are experts in Immigration and Visa services for International Investors and Entrepreneurs who plan to set up and invest in a UK business or UK Government approved Investments and benefit from a high quality and safe life style for themselves and their families which the United Kingdom offers. We also offer Citizenship & Residency programmes for other countries as an alternative to the United Kingdom which includes Malta, USA, Singapore, Portugal and Cyprus.

We understand that our clients need to have effective Citizenship and Residency solutions to protect their families and to preserve their wealth.  We realise that every client, regardless of where they are from want the best for their families which is Safety, Security, Education, Business Opportunities and a Bright Future.

With our specialist service and high quality advice, clients and their families can become permanent residents and British Citizens of the UK by making UK Government approved investments in the country or setting up their own business ventures.

The UK is a great place to live and work with amazing opportunities for international clients and their families. There are numerous reasons of why individuals and their families relocate to the United Kingdom from Investment, Cultural, Educational and Lifestyle aspects the UK has it all, in what is considered to be a very safe, free and productive environment. The UK has always been an attractive destination for those seeking a stable and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Our mission is to assist those who wish to set up or invest in UK businesses and help them enjoy the benefits of creating successful business or investment ventures while residing in the UK.

We aim to

  • Assist Talented and High Net Worth Individuals including overseas businesses, investors and entrepreneurs in migrating to the UK for business and lifestyle purposes and to make this process as easy as possible.
  • Undertake a legal assessment of the types of Residency options available to a client and decide on the most beneficial options for them, their families and their business.

Our Lawyers and Advisors were previously UK Visa Officials and served with the British Government at Embassies across the world. We can assist clients from across the world and can meet you in your country of residence if required. Our focus is purely to help overseas International Investors, Entrepreneurs and their families by providing the best service possible.

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why-choose-uspng Welcome to Investor visa4UKWe provide a dedicated on call service for our clients across the world

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Right from the first contact, I made I was delighted with the professionalism that they displayed when preparing my LifeStyle package. Their sense of commitment and standards are of the highest calibre. I know that it was only because of their expert consultancy that my application was successful. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable and highly personal service.
Mr Deepak Sawhney , Chennai, India
Once again, many thanks for your useful advice that led to the success of my application. My family are here with me and benefit from the life the UK has to offer
Mr Alan Lu , Shanghai, China
The application for a permanent Investor visa for the UK can be an intimidating experience. The paperwork involved is tremendous and the laws are complex.They have the experience and credibility. Jay has an excellent command over the immigration law system and used this knowledge to the fullest degree while assisting me with my application.
Mr Rajan Singh, Mumbai, India
Just a quick note to thank you all for your efforts. The fact that the process went so smoothly and easily is, I am sure, down to your efforts and I appreciate them. Me and my entire family are now in the UK and we are very happy to be here. I can start a business and visit Lebanon anytime without any restrictions.
Mr Abdullah Al Masri , Beirut, Lebanon

oisc_icon Welcome to Investor visa4UKUnder UK law it is a criminal offence to give immigration advice unless you are authorised to do so. We are authorised and regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) who regulate and audit our work. This means that you can be assured that the advice we give and the service we offer meets their high standards. Investor Visa4UK is a JPS Immigration Ltd Company.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that the financial requirements are very strictly enforced by the UK Immigration authorities. Inadequate financial documentation and business plans is the most common reason for the refusal of Investor and Business visas.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants who are not citizens of a majority English-speaking country, are required to take the mandatory English language test prior to applying for a UK Entrepreneur Visa.